While chatting with my family via Skype about my first week in Costa Rica this weekend, I could feel myself yearning for more. I have enjoyed my time here so far, but I keep on getting the nagging feeling that I am not taking full advantage of it. I want to explore San Jose as much as possible. However, with a fear of traveling alone and no idea of where to start looking for things to do, I’ve spent most of my free time working on homework (which to give myself credit, there is quite a lot of). Still, I want to get out there and start doing things. Recently, I found a website called “100 Free Things to Do in Los Angeles” (my hometown), and I want to try finding something similar for San Jose. Maybe I’ll start by checking out some of the other blog posts on the Study Abroad Veritas blog. 🙂

However, as I begin my search for things to do in San Jose, I need to remember one thing: what I want to get out of my time here in Costa Rica. It’s easy for me to fill up my schedule with things to do, but I want to make sure that I’m doing what I truly want to do while I’m abroad. I came to San Jose for three main reasons: 1) to experience Costa Rican culture (especially the aspects related to sustainability), 2) to practice my Spanish, especially in conversations, and 3) to develop deep, meaningful friendships with the people around me. As I start to fill up my remaining weeks with excursions and activities, I want to make sure to keep those three things in mind. That’s what will make my study abroad experience the most meaningful: exploring Costa Rica in ways that I want to get to know it.

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