After I visited the National Museum with my Spanish class a few days ago, I wanted to do more. For a while, I have been hoping that I can explore San Jose and learn more about the city. However, it wasn’t until my trip to the museum that I felt the intense need to “enamorase de mi ciudad.” After falling in love with the butterfly garden and Latin American music exhibit, I realized how much San Jose has to offer. However, my study abroad program will end in a little more than two weeks, meaning that I do not have too much time to do so. During my remaining weeks, I will strive to make the time to discover as much as possible about San Jose and the rest of Costa Rica and enjoy it.
So far, I have been making plans to do just that. With fewer classes thanks to the national holiday Guanacaste Day, my friends and I are ready to discover Costa Rica. First, we’re digging a little deeper into what San Jose has to offer on a budget. Our plans include a visit to Parque Zoologico Nacional Simon Bolivar and TEOR/ETica. Although I have enjoyed my trips to the major San Jose destinations like the National Museum and the National Theatre, I’m excited to see some smaller places in the city that might give me a better feel of what San Jose is like for a local. Hopefully, our time will be well spent!
Next up on my list of plans is a trip to Café Britt Finca in Barva. Although there is so much to do in the city, I’m looking forward to an opportunity to see another part of Costa Rica. It seems pretty fitting to learn about coffee production in a country where coffee is one of the major exports, and I’m definitely looking forward to trying the samples. Plus, after the tour, my friends and I are going to explore Heredia and take advantage of some of the free events going on there as a part of the “IV Encuentro Arte Comunidad.”
While I do not have that much time left in Costa Rica, I want to make that time count. With the help of my eager group of friends and guidance of Study Abroad Veritas, I have no doubt that the rest of my time here in Costa Rica will cause me to fall in love with this country and make me not want to leave even more.

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