This weekend my mama tica took us to la feria del agricultor in Zapote. She’s told us about the selection of vegetables and fruits, but I never imagined it to be as big as it was!

Filled richly with vegetables, fruits, meats, plants, prepared foods and juices, lotteries, and physical goods, the fair took up an entire parking lot next to a bull fight stadium. My housemate and I couldn’t believe our eyes! Back in New York City where we’re both from, we’re used to farmers markets taking up a street or park. This was something else.

July 2014_546

I marveled over the immense number of vendors selling deep red strawberries, huge mangoes, colorful lettuce, and massive sweet peppers. I pondered over interesting tropical vegetables and fruits. I always commented on the sheer size of different fruits and vegetables in my mama tica’s kitchen and she’d tell me that’s how it is and things like yucca were even bigger! A potato or mango almost the size of your head is normal?! I delighted in finding new fruits to have for breakfast. Added to our kitchen? Mamon Chinos, a squash, carambola (starfruit), and maracuyá (passionfruit) – my tropical favorite.

July 2014_560

We filled up a huge roller bag with fruits, vegetables, and meat. I cannot wait for breakfasts and freshly made juices! My Spanish teacher was right – the juices are incredible. I’ve tried a bunch and have loved them all! At the fair we also got to see cane juice being made and coconut water being extracted.

July 2014_569

If you get the chance to visit a feria while in Costa Rica, definitely do it! There’s one Friday and Saturdays too in different areas around San Jose. It’s an incredible experience being able to see the selection, taste new fruits and vegetables, and be around a lot of Ticos from all different background.

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