This past weekend a group of us went to La Fortuna. I was so excited to hike to a waterfall! Where I’m from the Niagara Falls is a short bike ride away and I felt like this would remind me of home. But once I saw a monkey on the way to the park, I knew this was going to be totally different.

Once you take your first steps into the park you are surrounded by trees and feel like you are in the wild. From the top we were able to see a glimpse of the waterfall and I couldn’t wait to get the bottom. I have to say though I was a little over prepared. I thought we were going to have to hike for about an hour with tricky footwork. But it was really about 20 minutes and half of the trail had cement stairs with a railing. I still was able to get a good sweat in though ;).

Catarata 1

Before we made it to the bottom we could already see people swimming in the waterfall and taking pictures. I was not feeling up to swimming in the water but I still had fun posing for pictures and enjoying the view

Catarata 2

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