My name is Graham, a native Virginian and student of Virginia Commonwealth University. I am studying at Veritas for the Fall 2014 semester and will graduate from my home university one semester later with a B.S. in Advertising.

I come from a lower middle class family and always considered studying abroad to be out of reach due to financial restrictions. After finishing my penultimate year of college, I couldn’t stop mulling over the fact that, after I graduate, I would never have the opportunity to be educationally ingrained in another country.

I met with my study abroad advisor to explore possibilities and he informed me that Latin America is certainly the budget option. After perusing what universities the region had to offer, I evaluated my income and the costs, and determined that Costa Rica might be feasible. With financial aid and the money that I had saved from working 2-3 jobs, I proceeded with my plans for Universidad Veritas and applied directly, circumventing the extra costs of a program provider. Throughout the entire enrollment process, Veritas was extremely flexible and accommodating with all of my questions and issues.

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