Hola estudiantes! Cómo estan? I wish I could say that it’s lovely to meet you, but seeing as this is a one-way relationship, I guess I’ll just introduce myself! My name is Diarra and I am a Marketing Analytics major at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte (Queen City!). Currently, I am a student at Universidad Veritas in San Jose. From the age of thirteen, I knew it was my destiny to travel the world!

My first adventure was to the beautiful Caribbean islands. That trip was only a taste of the sweet explorations ahead of me. The next places I visited were England, France, Italy, and Ecuador. There’s no time like now to explore the world! I did not hesitate when I sat in my first interest meeting for studying abroad. Unlike many of my friends, I am an out-of-state student. Therefore, it was actually cheaper for me to study abroad in certain countries! My dad joked with me about sending me away for good! Luckily, my mother thought otherwise, haha! I had a very easy enrollment process because I made the decision to go through a program provider (agency). They were extremely helpful with providing me with all the answers to my many, many questions as well as reminding me about forms and payments through their website. Everything went smoothly and “voila!” Here I am in Costa Rica enjoying my one semester abroad! I am a bit of a vlogger (video blogger) so I hope to continue posting articles and videos as well for you all! Best of luck with planning!

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