After the first full week of classes at Veritas, I was waiting to exactly what an excursion was. That FRIDAY almost immediately after class we loaded the bus to be on our way to Tamarindo beach. I had no idea what I was in for until we touched down. It was a pretty long bus ride, we didn’t get there until it was night time but luckily there were TVs on the bus. It was freezing though. We made one stop to grab something to eat, get souvenirs, and see some animals! The rest stop was actually pretty amazing. We got to see all different types of birds; parrots, parakeets, toucans and there were deer and others too! We loaded the bus and continued to Tamarindo. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the hotel staff pool side with drinks and fun music. Already liking the place. First impression of Hotel Portofino was that it was beautiful! Later I was a little turned off by the dirty linen on my bed but once I let them know, they gladly got me new sheets ASAP. We got food , went bar hopping , participated in happy hour , went swimming (which btw the pool never closes) had an amazing night and end up not going to bed until about 6 am . Breakfast 7-9am. But great night! Following day, I learned I had mad surf skills!  One lesson, first time, como una natural, at first I wasn’t going to take lessons because it was $25 for an hour or $35 for 2. Renting the board on top of that was $10. I was just going to get a board, play around, and watch some other people taking lessons for some pointers, but I was sitting on the beach just talking with this random guy and who ended up being one of the surf instructors. I told him I didn’t plan on taking lessons and I didn’t bring money for lessons so I’m cool with just getting a board and he started explaining how it wasn’t about the money and how he just wants everyone to have a good time . He loves where he’s from (Tamarindo, Costa Rica) and he wants everyone to enjoy themselves, plus he just liked me … So, he didn’t charge me for the lesson 🙂 I now have a new appreciation for the water, like I always loved it but NOW Kam (my boyfriend) and I are making plans to move there. It was AWESOME or “fue CHIVA”!

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