Before my trip to Costa Rica I was only concerned about one thing. FOOD. I am not a picky eater but I do watch what I eat. My first thought was to bring my favorite snacks with me but I did not have enough space in my bags!

After my first few meals with my host family I was satisfied but definitely needed my staples. In the US my daily diet includes Greek yogurt and hummus so these were on the top of the list. On my first trip to the grocery store I immediately walked to the yogurt section. I didn´t see Choboni anywhere. I thought it was an international company! I couldn´t even find a store brand. Later I found out that Greek yogurt is not common in Costa Rica and if you do find it, it is expensive. Next on the list was hummus. I went to multiple stores and finally found it in a can. I did not trust it but I was desperate. Let me tell you hummus in a can is the devil!! I don´t know how people eat it, but it does not compare to the real thing at all!

I was starting to get a little frustrated but did not lose hope. After I told a few people about my problems they recommended that I go to Auto Mercado. It is known to sell more products from the US. When I walked into the store the first thing I saw were Stacy´s Pita Chips! After a little more browsing I was able to find hummus, a small container of Greek yogurt, and brands like Nature Valley and KIND Bars. My problems were solved!

My advice for anyone coming is to bring a month´s supply of your favorite snacks. You may be able to find them here but if you can´t you will have enough time to find something to substitute it. If you are health conscious and like to eat more raw foods, you may have a hard time but you just have to ask. If you see someone that is fit ask them where they shop! This will save you time and you may make a new friend 🙂

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