After spending my first month in Costa Rica and completing my first class, I have some observations that do not constitute their own article but that may serve useful to the reader.

  1. The mornings here are absolutely beautiful and they make it so easy to get up and go to class. Afternoons are often rainy but everyone rolls with it so it’s not too much of a damper. Just accept the fact that some of your shoes will often smell.
  2. Veritas is very helpful and flexible with helping you resolve any issue or question.
  3. Be sure to go on excursions, you get to see entirely new sides of Costa Rica that are very different from your host city.
  4. It is amazing to look out from the city and see lush green mountains all around.
  5. The domestic Veritas students are fine minding their own business and not meeting you. But, if you go out of your way to make friends with them it does pay off.
  6. Electricity is expensive so be considerate of your host family’s bills.
  7. Many things are much cheap here but clothes, shoes, and american brands are not.
  8. Buy a $20 basic phone when you get here for use when you go out. It will save you money and worries. You can use your smart phone in WiFi for free to communicate with whomever but smart phones have the value of 1,000 dollars here.
  9. Go out and have fun but don’t forget your purpose here and how much money you invested in getting here.
  10. Treat your host family with respect and you will receive the same.

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