The first class I was placed in upon coming to Costa Rica was Intermediate 2 which is a grammar and conversation class. It´s good for people who need a refresher in the grammar portion but want to combine it with a little more practice in speaking the language. I took an entire grammar course at my university so I felt well prepared for this class. I really felt like I only needed to practice talking more. I need to gain more confidence as well as expand my vocabulary because that will make it so much easier to communicate with others. I did really well in the class and most people move on to Advanced 1 which is the next level of grammar and conversation. I chose not to move on to that because grammar is not what I need to focus on. I felt a little comfortable in intermediate 2 and that´s not necessarily the best way for me to learn. I need a little more challenge which is why I decided to take the intermediate conversation course.

It has only been three days into this ¨semester¨ and I love it! I am so happy that I made the right decision. It´s easy because the class is not full of busy work or written work at all. It is designed to get you talking and expand your vocabulary and thus far it has been doing just that. On the first day we had an assignment where she wanted us to describe some people that we saw in the workbook. I was thinking like this is a little basic but whatever. Then, she introduced a WHOLE new set of vocabulary to us! In the beginning of your Spanish career you learn things like she is short/tall or she has brown/blonde hair. Now we are learning things like she is as tall as _____ or she has thick curly brown hair, he has crooked yellow teeth, or she has a smile that brightens any room. It is already super enhancing my vocabulary and everyday conversation and this may have been the best decision to have made.

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