After I completed my first class at Veritas I had to decide what I wanted to take next. I had to choose between Intermediate Conversation and Advanced Grammar 1. It was a tough decision because I knew I wouldn’t get credit from my home University for an intermediate class. After thinking about it and talking with my parents I knew four hours of guided Spanish conversations would be more beneficial.

I had already taken a conversation class back at my home university. I probably only talked a handful of times but was still able to get an A, so I hoped this experience would be different. When I walked into class for the first time, I saw that there were only 3 other students, so I knew right away that I would be doing a lot of talking. After the first 10 minutes I knew I made the right decision. I felt comfortable talking to the professor and the other students.

Now that I’ve been in the class for a little over 2 weeks I’m so excited with my progress. I’ve learned vocabulary, tico expressions, and I feel more comfortable talking. What I like most is that our homework is usually things that make us ask for help from our host family. I also like that our exams are casual presentations or conversations on a specific topic.

For people that are coming to Veritas who are solely focused on learning Spanish, when selecting your classes think about your needs. Do you need to learn more grammar or do you need to converse?   I definitely recommend practicing before you come. I know that’s obvious but I was so focused on work before my trip that I did not do anything Spanish related other than listening to latin music or watching movies in Spanish. Because of this I had to work harder during my first week. Also if you practice you may be able to test into a higher class. Overall my main advice is take classes that will help you. I know a few other students that were in the same boat as me but they chose to take Advanced Grammar and regret it. I know it can be stressful when you may not be able to receive credit for a class you feel is better for you, but if you goal is to be fluent in the language try to find a way to make it possible.

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