Part of understanding culture shock is to understand cultural differences. Everyone will experience it at one point or another during your stay in a different country. One of the main forms is communication. Now unless anyone has taken the class already, I highly recommend taking Intercultural Communication. This class will best explain what you may be introduced to during your stay if you should decide to stay with a host family or in a dorm. It is a course that will help you find answers to those situations that you may not understand because you are accustomed to something completely different in your host country. For example, direct communication can sometimes be complicated in certain countries. Many times, there are certain occasions when people do not want to tell you directly what they are feeling or wanting to say. This (to certain cultures) avoids confrontation and hostility. However in American culture or another culture like it, it may come across as being passive. This is something that you must take with a grain of salt, and understand that it is one of the aspects to learning about another culture. So instead of possibly getting annoyed or confused about certain situations, feel free to talk to your professors and friends so that they may assist you in further understanding the new culture. After all, this is all an experience and you will discover parts that you prefer, and some that you may not. However, that’s the beauty of it!

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