McDonalds McFlurries


Three years ago I watched “Supersize Me” and swore off McDonalds forever. But, seriously, McDonalds in Costa Rica is heavenly. Something about their ice cream is unique and delicious and it usually has be buying at least three of those $2 Oreo McFlurries every week.

Cacao beans

Cacao beans are where Chocolate comes from, what more could you possibly need to know? Ok, ok Cacao is the dried seed from which cocoa solids and cocoa butter are made and ultimately the base of all chocolate. I bought a big bag of them in Puerto Viejo, but they are sold all over the country. They can be used to make smoothies, to spice up granola, with peanut butter, and in hundreds of different recipes.

Cacao beens

French pastries

French food in Costa Rica? I wouldn’t expect it either. But just down the street from Veritas is this tiny, authentic French bakery. Thanks to them, I’m pretty sure every international student is packing a few extra pounds— one bite of an Nutella crescent and you will realize it is completely worth it.Frances


Another popular place for Veritas students is this little pizza restaurant right beside the university. Its fast, cheesy and delicious…. and before serving it to you they will drizzle it with a fresh pesto sauce. Might not be the healthiest option, but when your in Costa Rica, your on vacaciòn!


Fried Eggs

I never eat fried eggs at home. But here they are a staple— usually served as part of a dish called “Gallo Pinto,” which is cilantro spiced rice and beans, “crema,” a fried egg, and usually a tortilla. It’s a surprisingly delicious combination.

Fried eggs

Fried Yuca and Mayo

To me, yuca looks like a giant brown root before it is peeled and cooked and mayo is another thing I rarely eat in the States but together they are magical. Its one of those things you cant knock it until you try it.



As with most of the other unexpected foods here in Costa Rica, I definitely didn’t expect any sushi, but it is a must try. There is this small authentic restaurant on the way to downtown that had some pretty delicious sushi not to mention all the other delicious Japanese food as well.


Dos Pinos Ice Cream

I have spent my share of nights in my college career cleaning out pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, so obviously I am quite the connoisseur. “Dos Pinos” is a popular ice cream company in Costa Rica and other parts of Latin America. They have lots of flavors that come in surprisingly cheap pints— its creamy, sweet and the perfect combination with the tropical weather.


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