So day number two is already coming to a close and I figured I might as well start a blog to keep whoever in the US would actually like to know about my life in Costa Rica up to date (or at least try). In no way do I promise this to be well written or entertaining because I’m pretty much the farthest thing from being an English or Journalism major but here goes nothing…

After arriving yesterday I was immediately thrown into and immersed in the tico (Costa Rican locals) culture. My mama tica is absolutely wonderful and does not speak any English which has already forced me to pull out the remaining Spanish I have stored away somewhere. After a few awkward incidences of nodding and smiling when instead I was supposed to be answering a question, I have finally begun to remember the language and speak a little better. With school starting on Tuesday and having Spanish classes Monday-Friday from 8am-12pm hopefully that improves and I won’t be so clueless in my own home… whoops.

Today we spent most of the day downtown in San José (which is about 15 minutes from my home by bus) walking around and trying to get a better feel of where we will be spending the next three months. I can already see myself falling in love with this country and cannot wait to go exploring on our future excursions and trips to the city. Clearly us Americans stick out like sore thumbs because we were being stared at constantly by locals. Dressing differently, speaking English, and traveling in a pack of 6-8 international students definitely attracted quite a bit of unwanted attention, but hey mom at least I’m making friends, right?

Life is certainly going to be extremely different living in Costa Rica compared to Des Moines or Prior Lake as I have already become completely aware of. Even after two days spent in this country I have already learned several things:

  • “Tico time” is a real thing – life moves slow here and things do not start on time compared to fast-paced life in the US
  • I am a “gringa” – it is very obvious that I am a girl from the US and according to the locals I will not be losing that label
  • Food here is amazing – Food is life and I am sure to be happy here because of it
  •  Unlike the United States, cars do not stop for you, much less do they care if they hit you
  • Life is about experiencing – I have learned more in the past two days experiencing a new culture and country than I have in the past six months (sorry professors)
  • Costa Rica is one of the most underrated countries ever. If you have never been, put it on your bucket list. I guarantee you will fall in love.

Pura Vida

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