“Just jump,” I thought to myself as I took a deep breath and inched closer to the edge of the bridge.  I shook the cold beads of sweat off my clammy hands and sucked in another breath of fresh air.  As the door swung open I felt my feet slide off of the very edge of the bridge.  I couldn’t help but smile as I felt my body suspended 125 feet above the air.  It seemed like it had been so long that I had felt this kind of adrenalin or experienced an adventure outside of the winding roads that lead me to school every day back home in Connecticut.  I knew this would be the first of many adventures while studying abroad in Costa Rica.

Air came crashing through to my lungs as I let out small screams in between nervous laughter as I saw the ground emerging closer to my feet.  I swung back and forth feeling my body drop closer to the land as the bungee line went taut in the man’s hands just below.  This was my first time experiencing the Tarzan Swing in Monteverde.  Monteverde is a small town located in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, and most definitely a place to add to your bucket list.  A must go see, while in Monteverde I was able to zipline for the first time above the cloud forest. It is known for having the longest zipline in Latin America.  I couldn’t imagine a better introduction to the cloud forest than soaring high above the tree tops and traveling through a rainbow.  If you love adventures in the outdoors, Monteverde is the place for you!

The only “regret” I had while in Monteverde was not staying longer.  Even the bus ride to Monteverde is absolutely breathtaking.  I would definitely suggest wearing comfortable clothing while ziplining.  Don’t forget your rain jacket as well!  It is known to rain frequently; however, wear something light underneath because when the rain passes the sunshine will come right down on your shoulders.  If you have a camera, like a go pro or something of that sort, this is the perfect place to bring it.  Also, consider going “superman” on the remaining two ziplines before you take your Tarzan plunge!  I hope you have the chance to embark upon this wonderful excursion!

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