Things I Wished I Packed:

6. Dressier going-out shoes

My suitcase was too heavy. So unfortunately, I had to cut some of the stuff I originally had wanted to bring, one of those being a pair of dressier sandals that I have. I do rock my birks (birkenstocks) when I go out and do things with my friends, but I sometimes wish that they had actually made the cut. It’s not the end of the world, though.

5. A fanny pack

I bought a wallet specifically for my trip, a Chum’s Surfshort wallet. It has two zippered pockets, an ID window and a key ring. I love how small it is and that it fits into my tiny front pockets on my jeans but I also wish I had a fanny pack. My mama tica tells me that I should buy one to avoid pick pocketing and also because it allows me to carry a bit more stuff conveniently without having to constantly worry about my wallet falling out of my pocket. Also, it would have been nice to have to store all of my papers and forms going through the airport and customs.

4. A Blanket

For the freezing plan ride. For the freezing bus ride. For when the AC in the hotel is just a little too cold. A Piece of home to wrap myself in when I am missing home.

3. Slippers

The floors in my host mom’s home are tiled. In fact I have yet to see a floor that wasn’t tiled or wooden.  And tiled floor -regardless of how hot it is- is always a bit cool on your feet. At my home in the U.S. we rock the bare feet and the socks. Everyone seems to always be wearing shoes. I visited my uncle’s cousins when I first arrived and I never saw any of them go barefoot. They either had on their shoes or flip flops.  I almost packed my slippers but again unaware of how much I’d miss them, I didn’t pack them.

2. Sweatpants/Pajama pants

I brought Yoga pants but I didn’t think to bring a pair of pajama pants or sweatpants. They would have been really helpful for the days when I just feel a bit cold, it is damp, or for the absolutely frigid air conditioned bus. But I convinced myself that they weren’t necessary because Costa Rica is tropical and warm right? Not exactly. Costa Rica consists of a series of microclimates that vary quite drastically for such a small country. It can actually get a bit chilly sometimes, especially in the higher elevations, the forest, and when it rains.

1. Nutella

The giant jar. The kind that you can only find at places like Sam’s Club and BJs. I don’t like peanut butter and yet I want to make sandwiches to save money for the long bus rides and snacks between classes. The lunch meat (or cold cuts) is very different from that in the U.S. and I have yet to find any that resemble Oscar Meyer cold cuts. Not the kind I like to buy. Also to help satiate my almost constant craving for American food and anything that has chocolate.

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