I was really lucky to be in Costa Rica at the time of one of their most renowned music festivals, Palmares Fiestas. It was a really cool experience being immersed with so many locals and getting to see more of what their culture is like. When we first arrived, it was pretty dead. There weren’t many people, and we just walked around and tried the plethora of delicious dishes they were selling at different stalls. I tried some crepes, nachos, and a chocolate filled churro *drool* This music festival was kind of a combination of some type of fair, carnival, concert, and amusement park all mashed into one big party. Pretty soon, the place got crowded. There was a parade going on that evening, and there were probably close to a thousand if not more locals lined up along the sides to watch this four hour long parade. It was quite a view to watch. There were many people dressed in traditional clothes dancing, and people along the sides danced along with the music as they watched the parade. There were many different floats, along with people decking out their cars and motorcycles. There were even children that were probably around five years of age dancing in the parade!

We unfortunately didn’t come on the best day because the day we were there, there was no bull fighting going on. But normally, any ordinary person without training can just volunteer themselves to fight a bull. Crazy, right? That would have been something really cool that I would have loved to see, but hey there’s always next time! They also have different concerts at Palmares! It just depends on the day you go there. If you are in Costa Rica at this time of year (January), I definitely recommend you to go! I assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience! 🙂

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