What is that saying again? Oh yes…home is where the heart is!  One of my biggest fears before boarding the plane to Costa Rica was, “what if I miss home?”  Of course, you’ll miss home, but just how much depends on what you make of your time spent abroad.  I have been abroad for just about a month and a half now, and I can honestly say Ihave not felt homesick once.  I wake up every morning knowing today will be a new adventure and tomorrow will open another door to a new and exciting experience.


While abroad, you will meet many new people that share interests common to yours.  For starters, you are all studying abroad in Costa Rica, and your paths have now crossed.  Whether it is for the culture, Spanish, agriculture, photography, or whatever it may be we are all blessed to find ourselves in such a beautiful country.  You were ambitious and followed your dreams of studying abroad.  You made it happen and deserve to enjoy every second of it!

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I cannot think of a better way to immerse yourself with the language and culture of Costa Rica than living with a Costa Rican family.  You will have so many opportunities to try new things, enjoy the amazing cuisine, and engage in Spanish conversation.  I love going places with my host family.  We have gone to the beach and multiple festivals!  I would recommend Hermosa Beach and Jaco Beach if you want a beautiful beach close by.  If you are lucky you will live with other students, like these beautiful ladies below!


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