When I finally moved into my Tico family’s home I was nervous because not only was it an only Spanish speaking home, but it was not my home that I’m used to in the U.S. New rules, new food and lifestyle that I needed to adjust to fast. Luckily, I had a roommate to sort of help take some of the attention away from just me, so during breakfast and dinner my lesson was a listening portion, and a speaking portion.

I knew it was all a learning experience because this was the reason I came to Costa Rica in the first place, to become better at my Spanish. The thing that I love the most about practicing my Spanish with my Tico family is the fact that I am becoming brave about not messing up and feeling stupid afterwards, and my sentences are flowing a lot better than before. See: in the United States I was too comfortable speaking English and got lazy with my Spanish, but here I have no choice but to speak the language or I’ll get stared at like I have 5 heads.

I thought about getting my own apartment because it was cheaper than living with a family and I wouldn’t have to speak Spanish the whole time, but a lot of my friends recommended living with a family for the experience of speaking Spanish, getting to know a new environment, trying new food, everything. After making this decision I was glad I chose to live with a family…  Everyday I’m trying to take advantage of the opportunity and practice my Spanish!

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