I’ll start off by saying I highly recommend traveling when in Costa Rica. Grab a friend or two, buy bus tickets and travel around Costa Rica as much as possible. From experience, I have the most fun every time I travel and the Spanish is slightly different everywhere I go. It is very interesting to me because I, like other people, would think Costa Rica has the same Spanish all throughout the country since it is very tiny compared to Mexico, but I had the wrong idea. Spanish in Limόn is quite different than Spanish in Guanacaste. The food is slightly different and better in some areas than others, and the hospitality is usually the same. Most Costa Ricans everywhere you go will be nice to the foreigners, that’s what I like most about Costa Rica; the Pura Vida attitude from all of the locals is very true in most places I visit.

On the subject of traveling, depending on how long people stay in Costa Rica, I highly recommend visiting Panama. I went with my school last weekend to Bocas del Toro and I really liked a lot, mainly because of two reasons: the beaches and the people. Everyone  was nice and willing to help me with my Spanish and the beaches had the perfect weather to stretch your arms and dive in the water. I visited Star Fish Beach and Red Frog Beach. At Star Fish Beach you could grab a nice drink while relaxing in the hot sun. Red Frog Beach was amazing because it had the biggest waves of all of the beaches I’ve been to so far.

Another important reason to travel in Costa Rica is that you leave a certain comfort zone of what your used to, and you experience more opportunities to speak Spanish, on top of obtaining a certain independence. My recommendation to everyone is: travel, travel, travel as much as possible!

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