This weekend, I went on an excursion to Bijagua with my ecological photography class. So, let me just say I was completely unprepared for this trip. I mean, yeah I knew I was going to a rainforest, but I guess my perception of a rainforest was completely different. I did not have the right shoes, didn’t expect to get wet or muddy for that matter, and definitely didn’t expect the many bug bites I got. Don’t get me wrong, this rainforest was absolutely beautiful—probably one of the coolest places I’ve been to yet. I know I say that every weekend after every trip hence one of the coolest places. Just bare with me—it’s hard to choose one favorite place when every place you go to is absolutely beautiful in its own way.

Anyway, back to my struggles in the rainforest…yeah, I was unprepared. Just a side note, if you ever plan on coming to Costa Rica and you go to a rainforest, bring lots of socks, extra clothes, RUBBER BOOTS (not tennis shoes), an  umbrella, a rain jacket, bug spray (LOTS of bug spray), and just be prepared to get wet and dirty. So anyway, the first day we got there, we went on a nature hike during the day and then a nocturnal walk in the evening. When we went on this three-hour hike in the morning, I was wearing my bright pink Nike tennis shoes that I had bought a few months before coming to study abroad. Lo and behold, my shoes were a grody brown by the end of the day. There was just so much mud and then it started raining and everything just turned into a gooey mess.

It was difficult taking pictures when it would just start raining out of nowhere. I have to say though that one of the neatest things I saw during the weekend at the rainforest was being able to see the rain coming from a far away distance. We looked to the left and saw this wall of water approaching and a few minutes later, there was a downpour. Normally when it rains, it just starts raining out of nowhere. I had never had such an experience ever in my life and I know it’s something I will always remember.  So besides all the gooey icky humid wetness and me getting my shoes super dirty, I did have a great time. We were able to observe many different species in their natural habitats, such as frogs (we saw a glass frog!), toads, grasshoppers, bats, and plants with really cool defense mechanisms. For instance, one plant had leaves that closed up when you touch the surface of the leaf. How cool, right?!

This weekend was definitely a great getaway, especially with the lack of Wifi. I kinda felt like I was one with nature. Okay yeah, maybe not completely one with nature, but the most I have been in my lifetime. I look forward to continue to do more things out of my comfort zone during the time I have remaining here.

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