So when I first came to Costa Rica, I was under the impression that I would be going to the beach all the time. However, I soon realized I was a long way from the beaches. I soon began exploring San Jose and, believe it or not, there’s quite a bit to do here! Here are a few ideas for when you’re sitting around at home with nothing to do and don’t quite have the time to travel 4.5 hours to a beach:

  1. Catch a movie! Movie tickets at the San Pedro Mall (only a 5 minute drive from Veritas) are extremely affordable, and Wednesdays tickets are half price! Can’t complain right? Grab a few of your friends and spend a night watching an enjoyable movie.
  2. Go to a museum! There are plenty of museums in downtown San Jose that are fit for all audiences. You are sure to find a museum that will interest you. Some types of museums include the Children’s Museum, The Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, National History Museum, and the list goes on. There’s definitely something for everyone, so don’t miss the chance to learn something new while you’re visiting this new country.
  3. Who doesn’t love shopping? Downtown is a great place to get some good bargains and find things for an affordable price. If you need to buy souvenirs for friends and family back home, this is the right place to go.
  4. Want to take a day trip? Spanish in Veritas is only for a month, so often if you are staying for longer, you have Fridays off and can use that to your advantage and explore. Going white water rafting is a great option for a day trip. Some companies have an all-inclusive trip that includes transportation and meals. Definitely an option to look into!
  5. Going to a cacao plantation and going on a chocolate tour is also a great option for a day trip. Learn how chocolate is made and get to taste some delicious organic chocolate as well!

These are just a few of many different options of things you can do in San Jose! Hope this comes in handy. Happy exploring! 🙂

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