This semester at Universidad Veritas has been a great experience for me.  When I first arrived to the university, I was confused because I had never seen a university that’s two buildings large. I also had never been to a private university before, so it made sense why the university was tiny compared to what I am used to.

Some things I like about VERITAS are:

1. I love how clean the university is. Everyday the janitors do an amazing job keeping it free of trash; plus, there are recycling bins all around.

2. The food at the university is not expensive. There are two things I particularly like: chicken and vegetables as my main meal and Pan de Canela -cinammon roll- for my sweet tooth, I really love the flavor.

3. The security at the university is excellent, I always feel protected and secure. The security guards are nice, they always smile when someone speaks to them and they are very helpful.

4. The teachers are amazing, I have never met a large group of teachers who love their job and who love to help the students the way these teachers do.  Also, class sizes are small, so they can focus on their students more easily.

Veritas is a very good university, I would recommend it to my friends!

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