From experience traveling from province to province in Costa Rica, I love their bus systems.  The buses are very comfortable, and the bus sizes are usually big, roughly the size of a charter bus. They usually leave exactly on time and the longest the people will have to wait is about five minutes. The buses will stop every two to three hours to take a break and let the people stretch their legs, or buy food, so I think that is a good feature while traveling.

My first time using the buses, I was traveling to the province of Guanacaste to visit Tamarindo. This is a long bus ride, so I thought I needed to bring a lot of food to sustain myself during the ride in case I got hungry, but the bus driver made two stops along the way, so I would have been able to buy food.

I haven’t ridden the trains yet, but I heard it is super easy and convenient. One thing I forgot to mention was the price; a lot of the bus tickets are inexpensive. The most I’ve had to pay was about 12 dollars for a bus ticket, but overall the experience is easy, the buses are cheap and they make frequent stops along the way.

Overall, the transportation system is very simple, so if you’re a person who likes to explore and travel, you will have no problem maneuvering through Costa Rica.


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