This past weekend, I had the chance to go to Monteverde. This is the perfect destination for those who love a thrill and love something that will make your heart beat out of your chest. You have many options here from a canopy tour to bungee jumping to waterfall rappelling. I went on a canopy tour, which includes zip lining, a Tarzan swing, and Superman, as well as bungee jumping for only $110 altogether! If you compare this price to the states, it is well worth the deal. The price is very affordable and you definitely get your value’s worth. Probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend was going bungee jumping. It is the most exhilarating feeling in the world! This particular bungee jump is the highest jump in Latin America—469 feet! That feeling you get right before you jump and the feeling when your heart drops to your stomach when you actually jump—it’s indescribable. Not to mention the jaw dropping view that you get to witness at a whole other level.

Something I really liked about Monteverde was the small town right next to it where we were staying—Santa Elena. It’s a really small quiet town with not too many people and it’s the perfect place to be for a getaway and to have a refreshing and relaxing weekend. There is also a café very close to the bus station called Orchid’s Café that I would definitely recommend!

Another place to visit in Monteverde is the cloud forest. Unfortunately, I was only there for a short time and was not able to go, but from what I have heard, it is beautiful! There is a hanging bridge there that one can walk through and various companies also have tours if you’re not the kind of person to just walk around on your own. You will be able to see many different species and witness the biodiversity that Costa Rica has to offer.

I would definitely recommend that everyone goes to Monteverde for at least a short amount of time to witness the immense beauty this place has to offer!

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