1.Playa Samara: Playa Samara is located in Southern Guanacaste and in my opinion, it’s the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica. Maybe even the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to in my entire life. I will always remember the most beautiful sunsets from my time there.


The sunset in Samara

What I loved about Samara was that it felt super comfortable because it felt like we were one of the very few people there. It wasn’t super touristy and it felt like we were hundreds of miles away from the bustling cities. My weekend consisted of chilling on the white sand and relaxing in the blue water.


Samara beach

At Samara, you can surf, paddle board, jetski, or ride horses. I personally didn’t do any of those activities except for surf because I was on a limited budget, but I absolutely loved surfing there. It was my first time ever surfing, but the waves were perfect and small enough for beginners.

2. Manuel Antonio: Manuel Antonio was also a beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL beach on the Pacific side. I loved laying-out and I even got to go on a run early in the morning on the beach because the sand was so perfect. Not too hard, and not too soft, just perfect for a nice run on the beach.  Of course, the best part about Manuel Antonio was the national park. It was a nice hike and we got to see so many different kinds of animals, monkeys, birds, insects, different types of trees, you name it. It is an awesome park for ecological tourism.


My friend Lauren and I with a monkey in Manuel Antonio national park

Personally, my favorite part of my trip to Manuel Antonio was a catamaran cruise. You pay about $65 to take a 4 hour cruise that includes lunch, drinks, snorkeling off the coast of Manuel Antonio and it even had a waterslide on the boat, on which you could slide down into the ocean. Also, snorkeling was awesome and I had a blast the whole 4 hours.

The waterslide on the catamaran

The waterslide on the catamaran

My friend Lauren and I snorkeling on the catamaran

My friend Lauren and I snorkeling on the catamaran

3. Puerto Viejo: Puerto Viejo is an awesome little beach on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. It’s a nice place with lots to do, tons of souvenir stores, and great restaurants where you can find authentic Caribbean food (my favorite is the coconut chicken curry). I definitely recommend to rent a bike for about $5 for the whole day and bike around on the beach!

Puerto Viejo is nice because it lies right in the middle between two other nice beaches: Cahuita and Manzanillo. These two beaches are only a 20 minute taxi ride away and are also beautiful. Another must see is Cahuita national park, where you can take a beautiful 4 mile hike on the coast and see tons of animals as well. At the end of the hike is Punta Cahuita and it’s where I have never seen water so clear and perfect before in my life.


Cahuita national park

Punta Cahuita

Punta Cahuita

4. Montezuma: Montezuma is the cutest little hippy beach located on the Peninsula. What I loved about Montezuma is that it wasn’t super crowded or touristy either. It was very lowkey but still had lots of things to do and lots of interesting locals to meet. Since Montezuma is on the east side of the peninsula, the sunrises were incredible.

A sunrise in Montezuma

A sunrise in Montezuma

The best part about Montezuma is the waterfalls. It’s about a ten minute walk from the town and they are one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The hike isn’t too long, but long enough to feel like you’re getting in a good hike. If you’re a thrill seeker, there are about 3 different waterfalls where you can choose to jump off.

Jumping off a waterfall in Montezuma

Jumping off a waterfall in Montezuma

I hope this list helps you discover Costa Rica!

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