One of my favorite excursions was Bocas Del Torro, Panama. You’ll probably have to go if you’re staying for more than 90 days in Costa Rica in order to renew your visa. Veritas sets up this excursion to the neighbouring country because you have to re-enter to get a new stamp on your passport and stay here longer -and legally!  If you don’t ‘need’ to go, you still can, and I highly recommend it!

Why? Well I felt like a model in a magazine, it was surreal. I never thought I would see such dreamlike beaches until my honeymoon. The water was as clear as the wings of a greta oto butterfly. Sitting on our boat tour through mangroves and coral reefs, watching the wake form behind our motorboat was beyond any expectations I had of my study abroad trip. My boogie board is probably my most precious purchase from Pequeño Mundo (a wharehouse store that sells cool things at super low prices), as it creates my most memorable experiences as I ride the precious waves.

Another amazing experience Bocas provides is its unforgettable nightlife. You can enjoy a refreshing drink on the bank of the crystalline ocean while listening to reggae. Later, enjoy a refreshing swim in the ocean with your friends and the view of the beautiful starfish underneath the water.  Then meet some backpackers and share your experiences with each other.

Just don’t sleep in too much the next day or you will miss out on the amazing boat rides and beautiful sunshine! Enjoy your stay and stay tranquilo.


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