So far, one of my favorite things about studying in Costa Rica is the food. There are so many different and amazing foods available in this country, and I for sure want to eat as much as I can, even if I get a little chubbier in the process. I’ve already found a number of restaurants in the area and I enjoyed them a lot.

Places to eat near the campus of Veritas are numerous. A nice woman usually sells fruit and empanadas by the side of the road every day. There is also a stand where more empanadas are sold inside the university, along with various types of fried corn dishes and plantains. And of course, the school has several cafeterias which serve different types of food.

If you head about 200 meters northwest of Veritas, you can find the international restaurant, “La Musa Confusa”. I hope to try some multicultural dishes there later today. And if you stop right before you get to the entrance to Veritas, you’ll see “Observa la Pizza,” where in addition to delicious pizza, they serve Nutella smoothies! If you do anything in Costa Rica, get one of these smoothies. If you go south of Veritas, to the corner of Av. 26 (the highway) and Calle 35, you can find Granitico, which offers many cheap options such as burritos and various fruit juices.

Lastly, if you want to travel east along Av. 20, you can find several mini-marts (which are a bit like Walgreens) where you can buy snacks. Pay attention to the cost though, because they can be a bit expensive. However, if you’re willing to walk a few blocks, there are several bakeries which offer a ton of sandwiches and pastries at super-affordable prices.

I wouldn’t have been able to find any of these places without the advice of my Mama Tica. She knew about basically every restaurant in the area, and gave us information about which ones were cheapest. If you want to know which places to eat are best, definitely ask your host family. Furthermore, Veritas’ study abroad faculty has been very helpful when recommending places to eat. So keep that orientation packet and make notes of which restaurants sound best to you, because they’ll definitely be worth paying a visit.

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