If you and your friends in your study abroad program at VERITAS are taking an excursion to the Arenal volcano, I highly recommend you visit the nearby sustainable farm in the town of La Fortuna. It is a beautiful, family-owned farm where you can eat wonderful organic food fresh from the crops, and learn about the history and culture behind Costa Rican agriculture.

Everything you eat is from the farm to the table, and after your meal you will tour the farm and learn about the inter-workings of sustainable crops including harvest, processing, refining, and recycling waste into by-products.

The farm produces the food to serve local tourists who visit the farm, and excess food is incorporated into local cafeterias. This beautiful place is open to schools and children and provides the opportunities for young ticos to learn about science, nature, and nutrition right on the farm. If you are looking for a fun, interesting, and unique experience that will lend insight into Costa Rican culture, this is the perfect place for you!


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