To put it simply, I love food. I love trying new foods, eating foods that I already love, eating a lot, and eating often. One of my favorite things about my homestay is that I get two home-cooked meals each and every day. Que rico! I must say, Mama Tica has certainly done a wonderful job of making me fall in love with Tico cuisine. In additon, I have also been taking a cooking class that meets once a week. Each week, I learn how to make a new dish that is typical here in Costa Rica. Even though I can’t share my meals with you through the computer screen (more for me!), I’d like to tell you a little bit about some of the foods I’ve come to know and love!

Gallo Pinto is nothing short of a staple in the Tico diet. It can and will be eaten with pretty much every single meal on any given day. It consists mainly of rice and black beans, in addition to some spices. Gallo pinto is most often found as part of a casado, which is the typical lunch in Costa Rica. Casado, which means to be married (or, in this case, a perfect marriage of ingredients), consists of gallo pinto as mentioned above, some type of meat or fish, fried plantains, and a salad. I enjoyed my first casado two weekends ago with some guanabana juice, and I was satisfied for the rest of the day. Another favorite of mine is picadillo, which can also be eaten at pretty much any tome of the day. It consists of potatoes  cut into small pieces, and can contain a variety of other ingredients such as onion or ground beef. This is the first dish I learned to make in my cooking class, and it was so simple yet so tasty.

In just a few weeks I’ve tried so many new foods from huevos rancheros (eggs with a tomato sauce) to sopa negra (black bean soup), and I can’t wait to keep trying new things. The food here in Costa Rica has stolen my heart and my stomach as a result of its flavor and freshness, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to keep exploring this part of the Tico culture!


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