I could only study abroad during the summer because of football. It was between four, five, or eight weeks. I went with five weeks because I thought it wasn’t too short or too long. Also, I had never traveled outside the country alone. I wasn’t worried about it but I think it unconsciously affected my decision. Now that I am here, I really wish I was staying for eight weeks.

One reason is because there is so much to see and do in Costa Rica. I have cramped as much as I can in my first three weeks and it is such a small portion compared to what Costa Rica has to offer. Also, I wanted to travel to the neighboring countries, but it won’t be possible because I don’t have enough weekends. I will have traveled to Arenal, Puerto Viejo, and to Rio Celeste after this weekend. Those are all amazing places but there are also so many other wonderful places to go.

Another reason I chose five weeks was because of the fear of culture shock. However, I am starting to realize that I won’t be here long enough to have culture shock. I’m sort of disappointed about that because I want to experience it. I know that sounds weird but in my mind you can’t really get the full experience without a little culture shock.

I would recommend staying here more than eight weeks if you can. If not, five weeks is at least long enough for you to get comfortable in another country. It also allows you some time for adventure. If you do choose five weeks, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave on the last Sunday you’re here so you can travel that last weekend as well. I hope this information is helpful and that you enjoy your time in Costa Rica. It goes by so fast. Pura Vida!!!

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