My roommate, a friend, and I traveled to Monteverde this past weekend. We all wanted to participate in Aventura’s ATV Canopy Tour as part of our trip. An ATV is an all-terrain vehicle, or four-wheeler. On Saturday, we arrived to Aventura, paid $60 for the tour, and began the ATV practice drive after a short tutorial. While driving, I went entirely too fast down a muddy hill, panicked, and hit uneven ground. The vehicle flipped to its side, and I fell out. It was pretty scary, but by the grace of Dios I only had minor injuries. Because I was wearing a helmet, I only got a couple scrapes on my head and shoulder. Besides swelling on my left leg and some lower back pain, I ended up okay. None of my bones were broken or fractured, and I can still walk although I am limping a bit. I have been applying ice to my swollen leg and taking anti-inflammatory medication.

The employees at Aventura were very helpful; they cleaned my wounds immediately and offered to take me to the local clinic if I felt I needed to go. I chose not to go because I did not feel that it would be necessary; I did not get dizzy or go unconscious after the accident occurred. One of the managers bought ice from the supermarket, drove my friend and I back to our hostel, and gave us extra first aid supplies. My roommate chose to stay behind and continue with the ATV tour, and she enjoyed it. My friend helped me ice my leg and bandage the wounds once we returned to our hostel.

When I got back to school on Monday, I made an  acupuncture appointment with Veritas’ alternative medicine doctor, Dr. Ricardo. I hope a few visits to Dr. Ricardo will help reduce the back pain, plus I have always wanted to try acupuncture anyway. This experience helped me decide that extreme sports are not for me! But I know some people really enjoy them, so if you decide to do extreme sports, especially those involving motor vehicles, porfa wear a helmet!  If I had not been wearing a helmet, I almost definitely would have suffered brain injury. Also, be mindful of how close you are to the nearest hospital, no matter your plans for the weekend, you know, just in case!

And remember: your health and safety is most important. If you feel that you need to for any reason, please visit a clinic or hospital for medical treatment of a sickness or injury. The staff at Veritas, Tico Viajero (the travel agency at Veritas), your agency representatives and your host family will definitely take care of you and take you to see a doctor when needed!

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