1. Have your partner come visit you. Your partner can meet the new friends that you have made during study abroad and even your host family. You can take them to visit your new favorite places and try your new favorite foods. This will make them feel included in your life and in your plans. This will help you two share the experience, rather than it being only your experience.

2. Trust one another. You have to build strong trust in your relationship so that neither of you worry about flirting or infidelity.The two of you have to become comfortable with the idea of your partner going out alone and meeting new people.Distrust in your relationship will make your study abroad experience unnecessarily stressful. If there is distrust in your relationship, it is best to talk about it as soon as possible, be honest, and keep the line of communication open.

3. Maintain good communication. You should talk to each other often, whether it is over the phone or video chat. Your partner wants to hear about your study abroad experiences, and you should keep yourself updated with what your partner is going through. Remember that your partner may feel left behind, and it is important to listen to the way he/she feels and to be understanding. Try to put yourself in each other’s shoes.

4. Utilize the technology available to you. Technology will allow the two of you to keep in close contact with one another, and help maintain good communication. Use apps like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Skype, Tango, and FaceTime to send messages and to make phone/video calls. This will help you maintain connection with your partner. Your partner will appreciate receiving pictures and random messages throughout the day, especially if you do not have access to the internet or WiFi often.

5. Try to maintain as many of your relationship rituals as possible. If you normally always send a good morning and good night text, continue to do so even if your time zones are different. Your partner will appreciate your effort in contacting them at the same time you usually would. If you normally watch movies together, set up a time to enjoy a movie together over video chat. Maintaining these rituals will remind your partner that you are still thinking of him/her. This also helps to create normalcy in a long distance relationship.


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