Everything about Costa Rica is beautiful, from the volcanoes to the rainforest. What better place is there to study abroad where there are extravagant mountains in the background that can be viewed in class? The atmosphere alone speaks for itself. But most importantly the food here is amazing.

Eating in this Central American country is very healthy and gives the feeling of being pure. Although American fast food places can be found here, the thought of eating a greasy hamburger or fried chicken will not cross anyone’s mind after tasting the fresh foods here in Costa Rica. The fruit is so sweet and juicy that the freshness of it can be tasted as one bites into it. One of the best fruits here that everyone that visits should eat is their pineapple. In America the pineapples give off a sour taste, but in Costa Rica it is so sweet and juicy and doesn’t have a bitter taste to it. Eating the fruits and vegetables here is like eating from someone’s garden in their backyard.

The most common things that are eaten in this country are beans and rice. There are beans and rice with almost every meal. Their most typical meal for breakfast is Gallo Pinto. It consists of rice and beans mixed together with fried or scrambled eggs, chopped beef, fried plantains, and toast or tortillas. The rice and beans have so many flavors and it goes perfectly with fried eggs. And to top it off their coffee here is great and goes well with both breakfast and lunch.

Since being here living at a homestay the family has made many delicious dishes like burritos with Lizano salsa on top, which is a sweet greenish brown salsa with a little hint of spice. They also made their version of spaghetti, she called it Tico spaghetti and it was the best tasting spaghetti I have had because of the fresh spices and tomato that was boiled and pureed into sauce.

People love fresh tasting foods and that is one of the reasons why people come to Costa Rica. This has been by far the best experience of my life and I encourage everyone to make Costa Rica a priority to visit, it will broaden the view of life and change the life of one’s taste buds.

Pura Vida!

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