You are studying abroad! It may be a class requirement or something you just decided to try, but the time is here. You are in an entirely new country. It’s probably one of the first times you have been out of your country, and most likely the first time you have traveled so far and so long by yourself. You are now beginning your journey as a globetrotter. Globetrotter. A person who frequently travels far and wide.

Globetrotters are the people who long to be where they’re not. They are curious and self-motivated. They fear stagnance and rather seek fluidity and adventure.

As you continue through your study abroad journey, this word becomes more and more appealing. You long even more to see more parts of the world, and to truly become a globetrotter. This has been my experience. When I began my journey to Costa Rica in the Indianapolis airport, I cried a couple times while making my way through bag check, saying goodbye to my family for two months, and boarding the plane.

My tears were not tears of joy, but rather tears of terror. I kept asking myself, “What the heck am I doing?… This is not the person I am.” But boy was I wrong. I didn’t even realize who I was or what I was capable of. Little did I know a month later I would be swimming in bioluminescent waters in the dark of night, white water rafting, and bungee jumping 500 feet!

This trip abroad truly turned me into a globetrotter. At this point in my life, I have never wanted anything more than to travel the world and experience new cultures, new experiences, and new ways of life.

In the last two months I feel as though I have grown more than I have in my whole life. I feel like that is the biggest part of being a globetrotter. That is what motivates us to travel. We love to learn and expand our horizons. It becomes a lifestyle more than just a desire.

Wherever you travel in your life, take in every moment. Let go so that you are able to experience every single second. Don’t miss out on opportunities because you are afraid of the unknown. Embrace the unknown. Jump into the unknown with open arms because that is where you will find the greatest opportunity to learn, to experience, and to grow.

So yes.  You are a globetrotter.  A #VeritasGlobetrotter!


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