My first excursion in Costa Rica involved a four hour drive to Manuel Antonio. Before I arrived I was told that the weather in San Jose would be totally different than that of Manuel Antonio. I found this to be true upon my arrival and I was elated. Manuel Antonio was sunny, hot, and ideal for taking great photos which I was anxious to do. On our way there we had a wonderful view of the mountains which was breathtaking. We took a stop half way to Manuel Antonio and we got to see crocodiles and capture photos of them. To briefly describe my experience while actually at Manuel Antonio I’ll say this: our place of residence was beautiful beyond belief, our breakfast and dinner was good, we ate amazing ice cream from Pops, our tour was exciting and unique with animals I’ve never seen. I even got close to some of the animals. Here’s my favorite:


My selfie with this white-faced monkey was the highlight of this trip for me. I would advise anyone studying abroad to take an opportunity to visit Manuel Antonio while in Costa Rica. However, bring bug spray and sunscreen; the bugs are ruthless and nagging! The beach had great waves and temperature but the water was super salty (take caution). I also bargained for souvenirs and got great deals. Moreover I had a great time. I hope this picture below summarizes the beauty of my experience in Manuel Antonio.

2015-07-12 11.06.00

Gracias a Dios!

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