Today marks my second full week in San Jose. Wow, does the time fly… This week I have been able to experience the culture of Latin American dance and I am completely in awe. The feeling of dance here in Costa Rica is so natural among the ticos. I have had the opportunity to take the class Theory of Latin Dance with my beautiful, lively and theatrical dance professor, Rosibel. When you listen to her talk about Latin American dance, music and culture, her passion is completely contagious. Dancing is such an important part of the culture, which makes sense because every tico seems to have the rhythm of dance in their blood. At least there are discotecas that help gringas like myself practice moving the way they do. If anyone has the chance to take Theory of Latin Dance as an elective, I highly recommend it. Rosibel also teaches biweekly dance classes available for anyone involved at Veritas. These classes give you a taste of the true style of Latin dancing. I love having so much exposure to new music, and here at Veritas we have every opportunity for artistic exposure. I plan to come back to the states with a whole new rhythm to my step.

This weekend our program brought us to Arenal volcano too. The waterfalls and hot springs looked like they were taken out of a magazine. What an amazing view. Replenishing our minerals and dancing all night is just the recipe for a long lived life. I’m now understanding why all the ticos are so young and fresh looking. It was incredible to be immersed in the culture more this week. Loving every second of my time here.

Pura vida mis amigos! Until next time…



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