If you will be studying at Universidad VERITAS, I strongly recommend enjoying a meal at Las Leñitas, a Costa Rican food restaurant very close to campus. It is less than a 5-minute walk down the calle principal from VERITAS. My roommate and I visited this restaurant for lunch during our first week in Costa Rica, and we were highly satisfied with the food! To drink, we had their mango juice, which was thick, refreshing, and filling.


You can also spend an afternoon at a botanical garden where you can explore nature. I visited a garden  where I was able to see crocodiles, butterflies, insects, frogs, and exotic plants up close. This was a nice change of pace and gave me a chance to take awesome pictures.  Ask the locals or Google botanical gardens that are around San Jose.

bbbThis is a photo taken in my Introduction to Physical Therapy class at VERITAS, which has become one of my favorite classes. Our teacher was demonstrating to the class the various techniques of massage, before we began practicing on one another.  The classes at VERITAS have proven to be great, I’ve learned so much!

I have also enjoyed the natural beauty of Costa Rica, walking down trails in the Manuel AntonioNational Park. This park is big, beautiful, and has so much to offer! It’s great if you want to see wild animals, do some hiking, or even visit one of the gorgeous beaches that lie within.

There are many many things to do while studying abroad in Costa Rica, it’s a wonderful country, so make the most of it!



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