During my stay in Cost Rica I had the pleasure to meet my mama tica’s sister and her family. Her, her daughter, and husband were visiting from New Jersey and they stayed with us for two weeks. During her stay she helped my mama tica a lot with cooking and cleaning.

I was very curious on why she left her family in Costa Rica and moved to the Untied States. She moved to New Jersey back in 1982 when she was 21 years old. Her reason for moving was because she fell in love with a Cuban that had a plan to move to the United States to be closer to his daughter. After him and his previous wife separated she moved her and her daughter to New Jersey, and the father was heart broken.

The sister of my mama Tica ended up getting married and leaving her country. In her opinion the United States had more opportunities for jobs and a better future for her and her family. But her country always stayed in her heart. She misses how nice and generous the people are in Costa Rica. She mentioned that the people in her home country never hesitate to help each other out.

Since New Jersey is a state that has four seasons and Costa Rica only has two, dry season and raining season, I asked her how does she like the difference. She loves the fact that Costa Rica is tropic and has a climate that rarely changes, but she actually enjoys the winter in New Jersey. She says that the snow looks so pretty and clean.

Even though the United States has more and better opportunities, she will forever love Costa Rica and the people. There is truly no place like home.


My mom, papa tico, me, mama tica, tia tica

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