sin-titulo1When visiting Costa Rica and other neighboring countries for the first time, one may wonder what beaches to visit whiles staying here, and none are better than the others because there are just so many to choose from that are all very acomodating each individual`s preference. Furthermore, just in case one may have a preference when it comes to atmosphere and location, here are four places that are worth visiting whiles staying here or visiting a country nearby.

If you’re based in San Jose and you’re not looking to get too far from the city, a nice, convenient beach to visit is Jaco beach. This place is a roughly two hour drive from downtown San Jose and is accomodating with nearby restaurants, hotels and hostels, and countless souvenier shops to remember one’s stay here. Also, there are several companies that offer surfing lessons in case you or someone in your party is feeling a bit adventurous.

sin-titulo22Another beach located a few hours from San Jose is Manuel Antonio beach. This place is about five hours away from San Jose and is also very accomodating. With it’s thriving tourist population, Manuel Antonio beach is complete with numerous grade A restaurants, with some offering spectacular oceanside views for guests to enjoy whiles eating. This place also comes with surf instuctors, and nice hotel accomodations nearby. But the feature that makes Manuel Antonio so special and a worthwhile beach to visit is the nearby national park, where guests are almost guaranteed to see a few monkeys and sloths. Secluded beaches are also an added bonus to this place, and are located in several locations throughout the park.

sin-titulo3The third beach worth visitiing is Bahia Balena beach with its spectacular views and white sand. This place is very unique and offers guest the opportunity to go snorkeling and view dolphins and other sea creatures. Located about an hour away from Manuel Antonio beach, if one is looking for a more secluded beach whith more water activities offered, then Bahia Balena is a nice fit.

The last beach that is worth the trip is Red Frog beach located in Bocas del Torro, Panama. This place is located an estimated 8 ½ hours from San Jose. Athough the journey sounds daunting, complete with an approximate 30 minute boatride to the beach, it’s worth the journey to come to this hide away spot , which includes a 20 minute walk though the forest. Whiles at the beach, guest can enjoy several dining options and might even get the chane to view one of the beach’s prized red frogs. This trip does take planning and preparation, but is definitely worth the journey in the end.

sin-titulo4These are just a few options when planning your perfect get away either from school or from your country of residence in general. Each has it’s own unique characteristics and are capable of satifying just about any taste. Proper planning and further research are highly recommended before visiting each place just to be prepared. When visisting each place, look forward to a guaranteed good time soaking up the sun and taking in the beautiful surroundings.

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