People who decide to study abroad are a different breed. They are independent, adventurous, and daring. Why else would they leave everything they know to spend months at a time in a foreign country with (most of the time) no one they know? They are not content with sedentary life; they crave exploration and new experiences, especially those who decide to study abroad in Central America. When you study abroad in Central America, you are really being immersed into a culture that is completely different frsin-tituloom the United States. Those who choose to study here do so to not just learn about, but experience an exotic way of life and not to mention a foreign language. In my opinion, these are the best kinds of people.

Upon arrival in your foreign country of choice, you know close to no one. But by the time you get on that plane home, you will be leaving with countless new friendships that you will cherish for the rest of your life. In my experience, it didn’t take longer than a week to feel like I already had a group of friends that I’ve known my whole life. Here are 5 reasons why the friends you meet abroad are the best kind of friends:

  1. They won’t judge you.

First, and arguably the most important point: the friends you meet abroad will rarely judge you. Everyone you meet abroad is there for a reason, and it is not to waste their time concerned in other peoples’ business or arguing. If you don’t get along with someone, so be it. But, there are plenty of other people to have everything in common with.

  1. You can be entirely yourself.

Abroad, there is no reason to hold anything back. In fact, that is most peoples’ goal for their experience. I know it was at the top of my bucket list. Because your friends abroad won’t judge you, there is no reason to be anything but yourself. And by doing so, you will have an even more amazing, carefree experience.

  1. There is always someone who is down for anything you want to do.

When you’re abroad, there is no issue finding someone to go on an adventure with. If the first person you ask doesn’t want to go somewhere or do something with you, odds are someone else will. If you are outgoing, you could find yourself spending time with a new person everyday.

  1. You now have friends all over the world.

The friends you meet who are also studying abroad are often times from all over the United States. Not to mention, you will also make local friends. When you leave you will have friends in multiple time zones!

  1. Together, you had the adventure of a lifetime.

You will cherish everything you experience with these people forever. ¡Pura vida!

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