I have always liked animals. A lot. Almost any animal will immediately steal my heart form cats to hedgehogs to snakes. So when I knew that I would be able to live in Costa Rica I was immediately excited to have the opportunity to see a different kind of animal. The animals of the tropics are so different to any that I would be able to see while back in the states. There was one animal in particular that I was extra excited to see, and that animal was the sloth (Or as the natives refer to them as, los perezosos).


I learned that there are different types of sloths. Not to get too far into classifications but there are both two and three toed sloths and I saw both. Now if sloth seeing is at the top of your bucket list, Costa Rica is an amazing place to get accomplish that. There is no shortage of national parks or sloth sanctuaries to visit. Both of the sloths that I was able to see were living at Manuel Antonio National Park, which is certainly a place I’d recommend stopping by. Here we were taken on a guided tour down a trail to the beach. The tour guides are incredible at finding animals that I never would’ve seen. They also have magnifiers to help you really see the animals as many are a bit hard to truly admire by just looking. It’s also the best way I know of to get a good sloth picture as they like being pretty high up in the trees. But there are plenty of other animals if sloths are not your thing.

The tropical birds are stunning with a rainbow of colors, except not all are so bright. We were able to watch a bird the exact color of the trees dancing around. And we were shown a group of little dots hanging on a tree, except when you looked through the magnifier those little dots were bats. We learned that the bat population does such a good job keeping the number of bugs down that bug spray isn’t always needed. For lack of a better term, the bats are natures bug spray. We also saw a very well made spider web that could also play a role in keeping bugs under wraps as they snack on whatever poor creature gets caught in their web.


Speaking of snacks, there are a few animals that appear to like snacks. Little monkeys on the beach don’t really seem to be scared of people and have no problem grabbing food. One little monkey stole a mango left on a blanket. But raccoons don’t want to be left out of the fun either. I also saw a raccoon dig through a family’s bag until he found the perfect snack, an entire loaf of bread. As you can see, there’s no shortage of animals in Costa Rica and its definitely worth a trip to see them!

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