There´s a very special place hidden in the back of a winding street that´s located about ten minutes from downtown San Jose. This place is called Feria Verde and attracts the creative, health conscious, and those curious enough to spectate. Feria Verde happens every Saturday from 7:00 am to 12:30pm.Whiles here, guests can enjoy witnessing an array of vendors and selected entertainment to enjoy their Saturday mornings.


This place is a spectacle of eclectically dressed Ticos and foreigners, some of which are there to sell their hand-made goods, and these goods range from handmade soaps, to self-designed clothing and accessories. I had the opportunity to visit Feria Verde Feb. 6, and would highly encourage any student to visit there whiles they´re in Costa Rica.


I first heard about this place after my tropical botany professor suggested that her students visit one of the few organic markets in San Jose. She further described this place having more of an artistic flare to it. As someone who loves being healthy and loves creativity, I thought this would be the perfect place for me to visit, and it was.

I first stepped into the entrance walkway and was greeted by local farmers selling produce from organic oranges, to cabbage, carrots, coconuts, plantains, and so on. I was excited to see such a vast array of organic produce, and was able to buy fresh turmeric, which I was looking for before I came here.


After walking by the fresh produce, I entered another walkway that was filled with vendors selling mainly hand-made products from jewelry, to skin care products, and clothing. I was impressed and inspired by the hard-work I could tell these local vendors put into their products. Being able to run my own company, selling my hand-made crafts has been a dream of mine for a while, and I was happy I got the opportunity to see other people living their dreams.

After getting past the artists portion of the market, there were also a vast number of local food businesses selling their unique dishes to locals. I have been told by several of my teachers that the food at Feria Verde is worth trying, and after I got there, I was bombarded with more options than I could make my mind up about, with all of them selling delicious food. I opted for a handmade green drink, fortified with organic superfoods like kale, carrots, and spinach.


I would highly encourage any student who is curious to explore San Jose to visit here. It has options that cater to a vast array of interests, and there shouldn´t be any disappointment with what you find.

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