Having trouble picturing what exactly your days might look like while studying abroad? Whether or not you’re one of those students typically involved in everything on your campus, there’s plenty of diverse opportunities to choose from at Universidad Veritas. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have trouble deciding which ones to devote your time to, or attempt to balance them all!

For example, I have joined with several other international students to volunteer to teach English classes. We work in groups of two or three and are full-fledged teachers of our native language in levels from basic to advanced. Classes run for two hours twice a week and it’s a great way to meet Tic@s!

In addition, I regularly attend the Latin dance workshops put on by Veritas twice a week. Learning to dance was one of the goals I set for myself before coming to Costa Rica, so I was ecstatic to learn Veritas would help me in this pursuit with free lessons to hone my skills before going to test them out at the local discotecas. We’ve worked on everything from salsa, merengue, and bachata, to tango, cha cha, and cumbia. I absolutely love the practice, and the instructor is very helpful (plus, no worries class is in English!).

Another opportunity Veritas has offered in the short time I’ve been here so far was a sustainability conference right here on campus. It was a great two-day event with speakers from the San José area, as well as many professors from Veritas. The conference was run in Spanish (a great way to practice!) but there was also translation equipment available so we could listen in real time with a small ear piece. I really appreciated this small way to keep the international students included in such an important conversation, as we were even able to ask questions and participate in the final round table discussions.

Veritas offers a number of other activities to be involved in during your academic term abroad. While I have not chosen to taken part in these, I know there are yoga, conversation club, and cooking classes available at school. They all sound like a lot of fun, but one can only do so much! I enjoy taking advantage of Veritas’ close proximity to the gym and going to work out in my free time or finding new places to explore in San José with my friends.

In this way, I have felt very much included in the community thanks to the array of ways Veritas has enabled me to be involved with other students. I have appreciated how accommodating and understanding they have been of the varying Spanish levels represented by all of the international students and look forward to the many more opportunities that I am sure await in the coming months.

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