I had successfully hailed a taxi, gotten myself to the bus station by communicating in Spanish with the taxi driver, purchased a bus ticket, and ridden the bus all the way to Puntarenas by myself to meet two of my friends. I was extremely nervous to make this two and a half hour long journey by myself, but since being in Costa Rica I have tried to say yes to almost every opportunity that comes my way, so I figured why not, especially if I get to spend a night with two good friends and a day at the beach.

It was a successful trip until I got to the bus station. My bus arrived a little early, so I had to sit down and wait for my friends to come. I didn’t mind waiting at all until an hour had passed, and they still weren’t there. The bus station was a fine place, people just coming and going, but I was beginning to get nervous. As the hour mark passed, I found myself beginning to cry. How could I be crying at 21 years old in the middle of a bus station with no one I knew around? I couldn’t control it. I knew I could just hop on the next bus and get right back home in San José in just over two hours, I just felt helpless because I couldn’t go looking for them and had no Wi-Fi to communicate.

Luckily, after over an hour of waiting, my friends arrived. Turns out they had ferried across the beach to another part of Puntarenas and gone a little further than they had intended. They basically ran a running race and even hitchhiked all the way back to try to get me. They felt completely awful and bought me a delicious smoothie afterward to make up for it, but I was just so thankful to have such good friends that would do that for me.

Since being in Costa Rica, there have without a doubt been some lows, this being one of them, but there have also been so many highs. Like after making this crazy trip, getting to see the incredible sunset at Puntarenas and spend some time with two wonderful friends I have made since being here.


When the lows come you just have to deal with them as best you can, even though I know being stuck at a bus station is not all that terrible in the grand scheme of things. But, when the lows are over, more lows may come, but they will make you more appreciative of other things. From a small bed bug scare to homesickness, these things have been difficult to deal with, but afterward I find myself feeling much more appreciative of simple things like having a bug free home and the fact that I have met some wonderful people here even though I may be missing home. These lows can put things into perspective and amplify the high points.

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