It´s no doubt that when you come to Costa Rica, you´ll be introduced to an abundant amount of new foods to try, ranging from restaurants to your own mama Tica´s cooking. The decision about where to eat, especially during lunchtime can seem very difficult, and when in questioning where to go to try something new, consider theselocal spots in San Jose for a good meal.7

Mary´s Place

Located just around the corner from Veritas is a local soda that serves up popular Costa Rican staples, from Gallo Pinto, to plantains, empanadas, and even very delicious hamburgers. If you find yourself needing a quick lunch that won´t burn your budget, consider Mary´s Place for a satisfying meal with a satisfying price.

Café Brule

 Located right across the street from Veritas is a French-inspired café that serves up anything from pastries, coffee drinks, milkshakes, sandwiches and more. The place is located on the second floor of a business center right in view from the university. Another great aspect to this place is that they offer discounts to Veritas students. If you are looking for French-inspired food with a Costa Rican twist, make sure to check out Café Brule for their delicious options.

Café con Que

 The last place worth trying that is conveniently located right next to Café Brule is an eclectic restaurant that serves up a variety of American and Tico inspired dishes. Another special aspect of this restaurant is that it serves all day breakfast, just in case you´re in the mood for eggs and coffee at lunchtime. Also, their milkshakes are definitely worth trying the first time you are there. If you´re looking for an artsy environment to enjoy lunch with friends, this place is definitely recommended.


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