Last weekend was the first one where I spent the entire weekend in San José. The previous weekends have been filled with trips to Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, Puerto Viejo, and several other of the countless amazing places here in Costa Rica. It’s definitely fun to travel on the weekends, and something I strongly recommend doing if you’re studying abroad in Costa Rica, but it can be incredibly fun to spend a whole weekend here in San José. As the weekend was approaching, I was trying to make plans for fun things to do in the city. Now, after spending a whole weekend here, I thought a post about things to do over the weekend in San José would be a helpful idea!

There are so many markets in San José. If you’re looking for any fruit or vegetable that you can imagine that comes from Costa Rica, I recommend La Feria de Zapote. This is a huge market, with more food than I think I could eat in lifetime. Another type of market I visited this weekend was an organic market called La Feria Verde. This market has a little bit of everything: food, souvenirs, crafts, jewelry, and delicious coffee. If you’re looking for some souvenirs, I recommend the Mercado Nacional de Artesanías. It is basically a tunnel of little shops with many friendly shop owners.

There are also many parks around San José. This past weekend, I discovered Parque La Sabana, which is right near the Estado Nacional de Costa Rica and El Museo de Arte Costarricense, which are both awesome places to visit, too. Another huge park here in San José is Parque La Paz. Some highlights of this park are a few ponds, a soccer field, and a hill that people sled down on cardboard boxes. Often while walking around the city it is easy to stumble upon other small parks, which are usually filled with pigeons, people, statues of some sort, and/or beautiful vegetation.

If you do some research ahead of time, there are always fun things going on around the city. There are often concerts, soccer games, and one of my friends even mentioned a running race that is coming up. Also be sure to check out events at the Teatro Nacional and museums in the area. If you don’t mind walking, just simply wandering around the city can be very fun to do. There is of course a fun nightlife in the city, too. If you are in the mood to dance or do karaoke, try Castros Bar. Asking the locals for other types of venues is an easy way to find some fun in a variety of settings.

Spending a weekend in San José is an excellent way to really absorb some of the Costa Rican culture and feel more at home in the city. The locals are very friendly and often eager to help you out, and it’s fairly easy to meet Ticos and people from all around the world!


La Feria de Zapote


Parque La Sabana


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