Why, yes of course! Forever my reply to all those people who somehow get the impression I’m only here vacationing… After all, they didn’t put the “study” in study abroad for no reason at all! Have no fear though, I promise this has been the easiest time I’ve ever had making myself going to class. Because I actually want to go to classes here. (And no I’m not being paid to write this).

Well, actually I do get a free lunch once a week to talk about skills and tips for writing blogs, so I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to share about your experience abroad! Besides all of the fun, engaging activities available at Veritas and around Costa Rica, my classes have a lot to offer in themselves. Personally, I love the way in which sustainable development has been incorporated into the curriculum practically across the board.

Yet, there is still a diverse spectrum of elective subjects available, with everything from the sciences and politics, to marketing and art. Two of my electives have specifically focused on material relating to the United Nation’s latest Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) released just last year. Being able to see these goals in action really makes me appreciate the practical application offered in all of my courses.

Thankfully when it comes to homework, the professors are rather understanding of our need to travel and see Costa Rica on the weekends. Moreover, they are very personable people to begin with and seem to be genuinely interested in what us students want to learn about and our experiences in Costa Rica. It makes having very small class sizes and discussion-based classes all the better!

And as if the engaging discussions weren’t enough, we even have field trips in many of our classes. Yes, field trips in college! And not just any field trips, but to beaches and volcanoes all around Costa Rica. Depending on the material you’re studying, your classroom might be anywhere from the ocean, to a national park, or even a sustainable farm for the weekend. Plus, my classes have had small day trips to downtown San José or various museums around the city as well! It’s the perfect opportunity for hands-on learning about sustainable development and Costa Rica’s culture.

Taking classes at Universidad Veritas is an experience unlike any other offered at universities back in the USA. I feel much more like I am actually here to learn about topics of interest to me and not just to get a grade. I strongly encourage you to find out for yourself and take the next step to applying for your adventure in Costa Rica!



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