It’s no doubt that when you’re in Costa Rica you’ll get the opportunity to travel to a lot of unique places, and when deciding where to spend a weekend, I would suggest visiting Puerto Viejo in the area of Limon.

This place offers so much unique things for tourists to experience. The first thing 1being that there are numerous hotel accommodations to suit each person’s personal preference. If you are looking to stay in a place with a unique set up that takes you out of your comfort zone, then Rocking J’s is the place to visit. Besides offering traditional hotel rooms, this place also comes with more eccentric accommodations, like hammocks and tents, for guest to be able to experience a unique sleeping experience. Besides sleeping accommodations, meals prepared by a friendly staff are also available, and guest can also rent bikes for making their way around the town and also sign up for several tours.

As far as food options, guest can look forward to trying a vast selection of cuisine from traditional Tico staples, to other selective items like Japanese, Thai, and also 2Caribbean favorites like coconut rice and seafood. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth there are also several local options, serving anything from milkshakes, smoothies, and pastries.

Besides restaurants offering great food, a large selection of them also offer free entertainment for tourist and locals to come together and enjoy the music scene. With Puerto Viejo being on the Caribbean side of the country, it’s not hard for one to find reggae music thriving in the nightlife. But for those who are looking for music besides reggae, there’s also the option for locals to dance to traditional and modern Latin music.3

The last experience I would suggest to anyone visiting Puerto Viejo is checking out the coastal beach. This beach pretty much runs the side of the town, and offers interesting views, such as an old abandoned ship for guest to view in front of the ocean. In between relaxing, eating, and dancing, guests can also look forward to a large selection of vendors selling unique souvenirs.

There’s no doubt that when visiting Puerto Viejo, you will get the opportunity to experience a different perspective of Costa Rica, one which adds to why this country is such a unique and beautiful place.

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