hg 1My name is Dani and this is the beginning of my adventure in Costa Rica. To begin, after a heartfelt goodbye to my mother, I hopped on an airplane from Chicago to Miami. After a longer than anticipated layover in Miami I made my way to San Jose, Costa Rica. As I stepped off the plane I entered into a whole new part of my life and an entirely new adventure. I made my way through customs only by insuring the officer that I would leave Costa Rica within the first 90 days of my four-month semester. With customs behind me and a suitcase at my side my semester abroad had official begun. After weaving through groups of people who looked to have a far better idea of where they were going, I found a group of students from my program waiting.

We all sat together as we waited for a few more students to arrive, giving me enough time to find a little coffee shop and try my first cup of Costa Rican blended coffee. In case you were wondering, it was amazing… and by that point, much needed. As students began to arrive one by one I met my housemate for the semester, Maggie. We were both excited and a bit nervous to meet out host family. We talked a bit while we waited and once all the students had arrived we sat together on the bus to our new homes. We were the first ones off the bus. As we stepped off the bus we met another girl, Carly. We found out that the names of our host families were quite similar, the same in fact. That is when we realized that all three of us would actually be living together.

So the three of us gathered our bags and met our mamatica (host mother). She had her daughter, Raquel, on skype ready to meet us. Raquel is a bit younger than we are but she has already pretty much mastered both English and Spanish. After a quick skype introduction we headed to our new home for the next few months. When we got inside we were shown where are rooms were. There is one small room and bathroom on one side of the hallway and two larger rooms that share a bathroom on the other. I now reside in the smaller room with Maggie and Carly just a door away.

hg 2After we had some time to begin to unpack we were called into the kitchen for dinner. The three of us ate quesadillas as our host mother sat and talked with us. Again we were able to skype our host sister and talk to her a bit more (We weren’t able to meet her in person until after we began classes). After dinner and meeting our host dad we finish unpacking and had time to rest. And with that, day one was in the books.

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